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East European Street Legal Challenge (18th August)
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Autor:  EESLC [ sobota, 21 lipca 2007, 17:20 ]
Temat:  East European Street Legal Challenge (18th August)

Dear Forum Reader!

We would like to invite you, as our prospective guest, to visit our country, participate at our drag race and be part of the Hungarian celebration on this fascinating weekend, on the 18th August, the Tököl Airport will be the venue of the

East European Street Legal Challenge

The classiest drag race of 2007 will be a truly international event, featuring professional racers; names like Sándor Vogelsinger, who recently became the King of Europe in his respective class. He will compete alongside other drivers and fascinating machinery, with bhp figures climbing to four digits. ¼ mile times as low as 9.5 seconds means fantastic racing and Gyorsulási Futam, as the organizer of the event, wants to keep up the ante with the most professional timing system available (Idenso FX1.3 – developed exclusively to our specification). You’ll be receiving a timeslip with a vast array of data: humidity, temperature, wind direction, barometric pressure, etc. The system is capable of staging the next two vehicles during the actual run, so there is practically no delay whatsoever. You can expect at least 500 runs a day, so you can experiment, test basically as much as you want during the qualification sessions, and of course, you’ll have the opportunity to find the best setup or engine mapping for the eliminations. The instant a top race car launches, the drag racing heavens open up and the following furious ten seconds will be the very best of motoring mayhem imaginable.

Join us, we’ll meet at the finals!

The registrated drivers list:

Best Regards
Attila Giltner

Autor:  EESLC [ środa, 8 sierpnia 2007, 16:45 ]
Temat:  Watch the drivers list!


Autor:  krystianITR [ środa, 8 sierpnia 2007, 22:56 ]

Will be there VHT?

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