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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC + 1 [ DST ]

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 Temat: Re: Compact Drag racing Cup at Santapod 2010!
PostNapisane: wtorek, 8 grudnia 2009, 19:42 

Dołączył: czwartek, 7 lutego 2008, 13:12
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Lokalizacja: Płock/Warszawa
Hi guys,

The Dial ET (bracket racing) is a nice thing making the competition really interesting. Its the type of racing that slower car can beat the speed beast :) here the driver is really important factor of wining.
One second different in dial is totally improper example. Most of my mates from ACE (Air Cooled Eliminator) were really surprised when I explained polish rules in Drag racing.
That’s ok with our "dirty tracks" but I can’t see the problem why bracket racing couldn't appear in Poland (only problem is the amount of track time) but comparing to UK and Santa Pod or York Raceway (haven't been to Avon park "Shakespeare" yet)when lets say on Friday during eliminations is nice whether and whole Saturday is raining (PS has jet blowers so its not so bad but York hasn't...) so I can say that Poland has more time for competition than UK after all.
Lest think about Nationals or so old events as Bug Jam or Big Bang or Action... where there are so many cars... and all have few passes...
This year my mates started Drag days for Cal-look Air cooled VeeDubs. The first competition gathered over 70 ACs... and it was only small event during typical track day with "run what you brung" with Pro cars (top fuel and pro methanol also and you know how many time it needs to get that kind of car on the track) and every one was happy (of cors it was raining :D).
Bracket Racing makes good competition ... You have to lounge properly cuz the timing equipment counts the dialed times in that way that in theory both of the cars should pas the finish line in the same time...
the easiest way to understand the brackets is to read some NHRA rule book or just The Santa Pod "how to start drag racing" or just go to York raceway forum :)

And the other thing is the life style... yes in UK typical drag racing event is a proper meeting :) with bbqs and proper party on the track and in pit lane :Done of the best parties in my life :D were on SP or York in race pits :D

"- It’s a Cal Look thing – you wouldn’t understand”

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 Temat: Re: Compact Drag racing Cup at Santapod 2010!
PostNapisane: poniedziałek, 14 grudnia 2009, 21:32 

Dołączył: wtorek, 10 czerwca 2008, 09:29
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Santapod raceway,UK and Lithuanian Club "Degantys ratai" announces European Top Wheel Drive Class competition at Perfomance,Tunning and Modified Show, May 7-9, 2010.
Club "Degantys ratai" invites fastest East and Central and North Europes Front, Rear and All Wheel Drive Compact cars to show up at Europes most known raceway and perform at best of their potential, fight for the title of "Europes Fastest Compact wheel drive" title, which has been argued for last decade over Central Europe, Baltic States and Scandinavia.Compact vehicle, as everybody knows, is maximum 6 cylinder engine compact body race car.
Exotic for Drag racing drives - FWD and also AWD European records remain unestimated, and are very popular in East Block, where drag racing is new sport, and proper race tracks are just absent. Some very high ET records, or talks about those coming from east europe and scandinavia sounds impressive, thus are unproven at official European Drag racing Events. At PTM Show 2010 all the Europes fastest will be given a chance to become Fastest of the Fast, and Wheel Drive criteria will rule this time for the purpose to estimate Fastest European FWD Blown, Fatsest European FWD All Motor, Fastest European AWD, and Fastest Compact RWD cars and drivers.
Race is invitational, and all who are not invited, but willing to compete must fill entree form at: ... p?escID=80
Rules are available at: Basicly, every entree will be dialed individualy.For Cars running 1/4 mile slower than 9 second, professional racing safety devices are not essential, and entrees should not hesitate to apply.
Event info can be found here: There will be no entree fees for racers and teams. Club "Degantys ratai" organise racing team and fan travel from anywhere in east europe. For best fares, and information contact Andrius at or call +448877444963 We do everything possible to help making travel easiest and cheapest possible. For sporstman from non-eu countries we will try to help getting visas.
There is possibility to come one week before race, and fine tune your car on monday, 3rd of May 2010 in order to have enough time to final adjustments. All questions about this first ever compact battle between east and west blocks will be answered promptly via email or All quieries about entering this race are more than welcome!

Andrius Tiknius
Club "Degantys ratai", Lithuania

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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC + 1 [ DST ]

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